Multiracial Nation

August 17, 2021

(Image from Steve Kornacki’s “big board” at NBC News and video from the PBS News Hour.)

Seeing Color focuses on addressing racism while intentionally staying away from the political arena. The release of 2020 U.S. census data has both racial and political ramifications. Population changes each decade require the redrawing of congressional districts in states with significant increase or decrease in population. Gerrymandering is the term used when voting districts are defined in ways that favor (or disadvantage) political or racial groups. Racial gerrymandering was determined by the Supreme Court in 1995 to be in violation of constitutional rights. However, we can expect to see battles in the media and in the courts as congressional districts are redefined.

The 2020 census numbers reflect the multi-cultural nature of our country. Unfortunately this stimulates fear for some. Others see clear benefits from the United States being a melting pot. This week’s featured video looks at the numbers and offers insights on the changes reflected in the numbers.