Police Violence

May 18, 2021

The long history of Black Americans being the victims of police violence is the topic of this week’s featured video. Elizabeth Hinton is a professor at Yale and author of a new book titled America on Fire.

Quoting Elizabeth Hinton from the interview:

“Police violence is the most tangible expression of systemic racism.”

When people protest police violence “they are not just protesting that incident. They are protesting unemployment,…lack of decent housing,…discrimination in education,…Authorities have tended to label this kind of political violence a riot and as doing so deem these actions criminal rather than seriously reckoning with the forces of systemic racism that brought people to the streets in the first place.”

“Whether or not Derek Chauvin is convicted or acquitted, we are going to see a type of backlash on either side. But we should hope that justice in this case will be served.” (The interview took place more than two weeks prior to the verdict.)

Learn more about Elizabeth Hinton, her research, and her books in the NY Times article of May 12, 2021, "Unearthing the Roots of Black Rebellion."