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Diversity Matters

April 20, 2021

Representatives from nine of the institutions in the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities share thoughts about the importance of racial diversity in Christian higher education.

“A more diverse team actually produces more creative results…and it also gives hope to an emerging generation of students and younger leaders.” (Andre Stephens, Biola University)

“Christian higher education is much like the church. It has to atone for some of its past processes and exclusionary measures and I think it’s going to be really important that we understand the history of our institutions…so that we can be part of the healing.” (Marquita Smith, John Brown University)

“There is an element of engaging with difference that is going to be messy. When we navigate conversations around diversity we have to be honest about it and then do the hard work of obeying what God calls us to in the honesty.” (Ray Chang, Wheaton College)

“I would argue that faculties need to be diversified primarily for the caucasian students because this is the world they will inhabit.” (Roger Nam, Portland Seminary at George Fox University)

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