Meet Linda Sarsour

March 23, 2021

Ambitious, outspoken, and independent have been used to describe Linda Sarsour. She is an author, award-winning racial justice and civil rights activist, seasoned community organizer, and mother of three. Sarsour was born in Brooklyn, New York, the eldest of seven children of Palestinian immigrants.

Sarsour was dubbed as a “Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hijab” when featured in the New York Times. Quoting from that article: “Mixing street smarts, activism and her Muslim identity, Linda Sarsour has become a political force.”

Sarsour first gained attention for protesting police surveillance of American Muslims, later becoming involved in other civil rights issues such as police brutality, feminism, immigration policy, and mass incarceration. She has also organized Black Lives Matter demonstrations and was the lead plaintiff in a suit challenging the legality of the Trump travel ban. Sarsour’s bio includes an extensive list of leadership roles in organizations and marches that promote racial justice and civil rights. She is the author of "We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders: A Memoir of Love and Resistance."